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Lenape Native Americans

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Lenape Native Americans

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 29, 2010 5:56 pm

The region was inhabited by the Lenape Native Americans at the time of its European discovery in 1524[18] by Giovanni da Verrazzano, an Italian explorer in the service of the French crown, who named it "Nouvelle Angoulême" (New Angoulême).[19] European settlement began with the founding of a Dutch fur trading settlement, later called "Nieuw Amsterdam" (New Amsterdam), on the southern tip of Manhattan in 1614. Dutch colonial Director-General Peter Minuit purchased the island of Manhattan from the Lenape in 1626 for a value of 60 guilders[20] (about $1000 in 2006);[21] a disproved legend says that Manhattan was purchased for $24 worth of glass beads.[22][23]
In 1664, the city was surrendered to the English and renamed "New York" after the English Duke of York and Albany.[24] At the end of the Second Anglo-Dutch War the Dutch gained control of Run (then a much more valuable asset) in exchange for the English controlling New Amsterdam (New York) in North America. Several intertribal wars among the Native Americans and some epidemics brought on by the arrival of the Europeans caused sizable population losses for the Lenape between the years 1660 and 1670.[25] By 1700, the Lenape population had diminished to 200.[26] In 1702, city lost 10% of its population to yellow fever.[27] New York underwent no less than seven important yellow fever epidemics from 1702 to 1800.[28]

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