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Privacy Protection Software

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Privacy Protection Software

Post by vipluis on Tue Jan 18, 2011 12:44 am

Have you ever considered if using the internet is safe? There are many websites where you might be entering your credit card number and other personal details. If you get paranoid when you lose your credit card, think about what may happen if a stranger knows your credit card number! This is exactly why the internet is not a safe place at all. There are many people who know how to use the internet well – so well that they are able to exploit the entire network for their own benefit. They are known as hackers, and are experts at using the internet in an unethical way. Hence, it is necessary to protect our computer from hackers, so that they do not get hold of our personal details. One way to do this is by using a Privacy Protection Software. This software has been made specially to keep hackers away so that they cannot meddle with our privacy.

Main functions of a Privacy Protection Software

This software is mainly used to clean up all the data and valuable information that gets stored in your hard disk once you surf the internet. To you, they may not seem important at all, but for hackers, these traces are the ones they need to gain access to your personal accounts. Whenever you surf the internet, you must have noticed that the computer keeps a record of the pages you have visited. Even if you delete them successfully from the Recycle Bin, they do not actually get erased from your hard drive. A Privacy Protection Software called WinShredder is used to remove them permanently and keep absolutely no traces in your system. Moreover, when you surf the net, cookies are saved on your system, which can be used by hackers to trace the websites you have visited. In this way, it is possible for them to find your account numbers and other valuable information. This is can be prevented using a Privacy Protection Software called Spyware Detector. The main function of this software is to harmlessly delete all the tracking cookies and session ids. It can also be used to delete spyware, malware and other malicious files that can harm the system. Activex controls create a lot of trouble to your system. This software can delete these controls at a very fast pace, and hence protects the system from outside corruption.

Another use of this software, on a slightly less important note, is to prevent your boss from finding out what you have been doing while he was away! It may so happen that you engage yourself in a game online or do some gambling. If someone uses your computer after you, and you do not delete the traces properly, the person can readily get to know what you have been up to! Thus, a Privacy Protection Software is used to get rid of the website names you have previously entered, or delete values from a transaction you have made.

Thus, it has become very necessary for you to purchase the right Privacy Protection Software for your computer system. There are many reviews available online which can guide you to buy the best software at a reasonable price. Go for it, and you will definitely not be a victim of computer hacking!


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